Saturday, November 30, 2013


 Happy Sunday, how was your holiday weekend ?? Time is flying by so fast, and the holiday shopping season finally here. This weekend weather is perfect for lightweight sweater, vest and cropped pants, Yes!!! I till can wear cropped pant during daytime. Can you believe it, I think this is the warmest Thanksgiving I ever had since I live in U.S
I love this essential causal sweater from Old Navy, and its bejeweled neckline  is perfect for jazzing up Saturday brunch. Finishing the look with aviator vest, cropped pants and vintage messenger bag to create a garcon mood look.
Hoping you all having fantastic Sunday.

Wearing | Vest: Bar III | Sweater: Old Navy | Pants: S.F local store | Bag: Vintage Coach | Heels: Zara |
Thanks for reading, xoxo

Sunday, November 24, 2013


 For the last four weekend, either I was being slammed with work, or I was sick, finally I had such a great weekend, how was your ?? Any of you watch the Hunger game: catching fire yet? OMG, it such an awesome movie, I think it even better than part I, and now I can't wait for the next one. 
I chose an oversize sweater wore over a skirt for sunny (but chilly) sunday. This sweater is about my currents style philosophy : effortless style accompanied with statement piece. I loved wearing  this piece over and over again.
 Wearing | Sweater & Skirt: H&M | Sunnies: Topshop | Heels: Michael Kors | Bag: Zara |
Thanks for reading, xoxo.
Photos thanks to MaiDao

Sunday, November 17, 2013

MARK IT (almost) TWO YEARS !!!

 I'm kinda embarrassed to admit this: I almost for about my blog's two year birthday. At least it not too late, the exact day is Nov. 30. Ever since I finished school and working full time plus my former co-blog-Selvia moved back her country; and I've been SO busy to manage the blog, but I do read all of your comments and it make my day. Wow, it mark 2 years soon, and it was (& will be) such a great time especially when my partner till here. 
I'm looking for any blogger based in San Francisco want to collaborated for weekly pictures, ideally  meet up once week in the weekend and we can take pictures for each other. 
For last couple months, there was a guy who took pictures for my blog, no double he has skill in photography & lighting but not a great eyes on angle and art directing, but I'm an Art Director plus photographer hence I like to directing on the angle of photos shoot and editing, so I have no problem.
 Despite the fact that his late and last min canceled issues, I till appreciated his work, but then he was asking me to paid him $20/ photo posted. It mean I have to pay at least $100/post if I post 5 photos, can you believe it??  I think it such a silly though from him, but wish him luck with his "business" anyway. Well, I think people should values their skill and professional level before asking other for money :)). 
I run my blog for my creativity, fun thing to do, a "place" to get to know more awesome people, and a passion for fashion (of course). I do randomly make money or gifted on guess post/ sponsor but after all I run it as my hobby & fun. I think It a different between people have passion in their life and other have none. 
Thus I think it will be a fun idea to collaborate with other blogger for photo taking and more !!! Don't hesitates to contact me if you live in S.F
I think it would be fun to post some of our fav moment from Jan till May.
 Happy Sunday, y'all !!!
Thanks for reading, much love.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


Happy weekend, y'all !!! I'm fairly certain that today was one of the prettiest day in San Francisco, around 65s, sunny & warm in November, really ??? Excuse me for looking tired in those pictures, I had to wake up early on Saturday (and it so uncool) to drop my car off for maintenance & tires changing. At least, I had a great time, enjoy early morning coffee, shopping, museum (short) trip and super late brunch. Love it but secretly can't wait for a grey day!!! 
I opted for a fresh & fun look, I decided to mix a two unassuming colors/pattern together, first I though it a bit too much, but it end up complimenting each other. Don't you think so??
 Wearing | Top, Skirt & shoes: H&M | Sunnies: Michael Kors | Bag : Butler-Large's Snake Embossed Leather & Suede Pour La Victoire |
Thanks for reading, much love !!

Friday, November 1, 2013


So so much has been going on this past week, that I literally been so hard to find time to just sit down, and post a new entry. Working full time and keeping up with life & blog seem to not easy at all. Regardless this year we seem to have a wonderful Fall season so far, not too cold and windy (yet), I can till wear a sleeveless jacket/ vest over sweater during afternoon hours, can't be happier. Yah, another tiger sweater was add into my closet, hopefully this is the "last one", I think I have enough and should not over stock it, lolzz. When it turn to cold weather, somehow I always feels more comfortable in skinny jeans, does anyone feel the same way?? Thus I will try to vary more in the jeans department  for "sweater season".
Happy saturday, and hope you all having a fantastic weekend, and hello to my most favorite month of the year NOVEMBER, and Adieu OCT !!!
Wearing | Vest : Bar III Sleeves Bomber here | Sweater : French Connection here | Jeans: 7 for all Mankind | Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Melina here | Bag: Kate Spade |
Thanks for reading, xoxo
Photos by Michael Johnson. Edit by me.