Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hi all, how is your holidays so far?? We hope that you all having a fantastic holidays. Even though it was raining like cats and dogs here on 24 and 25, but we're having a sweet holidays so far. Yesterday, we had a wonderful weather, yeah it was sunny !!! Before taking on some shopping & hung out with friends, we stopped by for some hot pies at Peasant Pies (at UCSF campus), if you're around Mission Bay area, give it a try,your tummy will thank you for that !!! We're looking forward to all of the festivities this week till new year. We till can't believe that to day is a day after Christmas, so quick thou. 
We hope you all having a sweet time with family & friends and enjoy the holidays as much as you can, but stay safe & warm !!!
Christy's note:" I was a running late this morning, and didn't have much time to go through my closet, hence I took a risky  to combine a steel cardigan & burgundy quilted top. It's not a first time I combine those two colors, but not as all top wear. I was afraid that I might look like a Christmas tree. Recently, I'm hooked on a quilted ensembles which is I used to hate and though it look so old and dated, lolz. Oh well people change!!!"
Christy's look | 100% Wool Cardigan & quilted top: H&M Trend | Trouser: f21 | Sunny: Juicy Couture | Booties: ZARA | Bag: Kate Spade | 

Selvia's look | Parka: Muji | Top & pants : GAP | Shoes: Y3 | Bag: J.Crew |
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Christy & Selvia

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Hi all, we hope you & your family a very Merry Christmas, and festive thing in store !!! We spent half of our Sunday to wandered around downtown for some last min shopping, and enjoy coffee (of course) at grand opening Nespresso S.F boutique , finally it opened here, whooohoo.  For last couple days, it's raining non stop here, and finally we have a break from school & work, hence despite the weather; it's such a great time to go out and enjoy the holiday's spirit.
Selvia's look | Beanie: Superdry | Parka: Muji | Top :Madewell | Jean: H&M | Boots: 20%80 | Bag: J.Crew |
Christy's note: " I scored this coat about month ago from f21 and totally forgot about it in my closet, I love it  versatile comfortable, edgy  and its quilted detail, but its down side is this jacket run big thou, otherwise it completely seal the deal. And evergreen pretty much is my favorite color for the moment, I can't stop wearing it ( & burgundy).
 Christy's look | Quilted Shoulder Coat & boom boom beanie : f21 | Chunky knit & Booties & Bag : ZARA | Jean: 7 for all Mankind |
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Christy & Selvia

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Oh, Winter is coming in a week, temperature starting to drop, windy and rain. We getting caught in the rain on the way back right after a coffee stop. At least we were treated to a good fall scene, watching the rain while enjoying holiday drinks.  We felt so refreshed as the park despite the fact that it was freezing outside. Best thing about San Francisco that there are so many parks in the city, some of it just like a hidden gem. We thrilled every time we random discovered  a new place. We hope you all having an awesome Sunday, and hooray for the holiday season coming.
Christy's note: "another seasonally appropriate wardrobe, for an easy saturday look, I chose this chunky high-low oversized sweater / "short of" dress layering under a winter coat to keep me warm. This fuchsia beanie keeps me feeling polished and finishes up my look. And chunky/soft knits is one of my favorite winter item. oh come on, it's so cold out there, right"
Christy's look | Coat: Calvin Klein | Chunky dress & Beanie: H&M | Legging: Nicole Miller | Boots : Lauren by Ralph Lauren | Bag : ZARA |
Selvia's Note: Parka is one the most important piece in my wardrobe now and its been sometime since I search for the perfect one that fits my body type. Because parka can
make you look short, bulky and heavy. So, find the perfect ift to your body type. 
Selvia's look | Parka: MuJi | Top: A/X | Pants: H&M | Booties: Urban Outfitter | Bag: JustFab |
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Christy & Selvia.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The weather has cooled down quite a bit and even though it's not  really officially winter yet. Luckily, we have  a sunny Wednesday (even though it was freezing outside) but it's always nice to enjoy some sunny, right. We stroll through the UCSF campus,  such an beautiful weather and nice place for a small walk after lunch. We love to wander around until our legs get tired, thou but too bad it was quite cold and not much time :(. Take some very chocolate hot cocoa, or hot tea, great way to re-boost a day. We hope you all having a great week so far, and cheers to the weekend coming.
Selvia's look | Parka & Top: Muji | Pants: GAP | Shoes: Kenneth Cole | Scarves: ZARA | Bag : Coach |
Christy's note : " As the weather starting to cooled down, hence I've been an avid on sweater wearer lately. I love this leopard sweater, had it from last season, and till not run out of ways to style it. I layered on a furry vest to keep me warm, and accompany with a white skit. The combo of fur & leopard kinda sort of empowering an attire."
Christy's look | Vest: LOFT | Sweater: f21 | Skirt: ZARA | Wedges: Nine West | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacob | Bracelet: Lucky Brand | Sunnies: Michael Kors | Bag : Banana Republic |
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Christy & Selvia